Intolerance: Political Support Grows for Death Row Scot

More than 200 MPs and MSPs have registered their support for 'death row' Scot, Mr.Kenny Richey at the US American 'Sixth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals'. Mr.Richey was sentenced to death 17 years ago after being convicted of 'arson' and the 'aggravated' murder of a two-year-old girl in Ohio. But campaign groups and politicians have contested the 'safety' of the conviction. Mr.Richey, from Edinburgh, is awaiting the outcome of his final stages of appeal. The MPs and MSPs have submitted an 'Amicus Curiae' Brief to 'The Circuit Federal Court of Appeal'.
An 'Amicus Curiae' is a legal document filed by individuals who are not party to the case but who believe that the court's decision may be affected by their interest. It comes from a Latin term meaning 'friend of the court'.
Human rights charities 'Reprieve' and 'Amnesty International' have supported the submission. It also has the backing of 'The Law Society of Scotland', 'The Law Society of England & Wales' and 'The Bar Human Rights Committee'. The campaign to release Mr.Richey has been led by Orkney and Shetland MP Mr.Alistair Carmichael, who said:
'I am delighted that so many of my parliamentary colleagues have signed the 'Amicus' Brief in support of Kenny. 'He has now been on death row for over 17 years, despite very real doubts about the "safety" of this conviction. 'We are now running out of time to secure justice for Kenny Richey. 'It is vital that, as the legal avenues available to Kenny come to an end, the UK Government makes every possible effort to prevent his execution'.
He added that Mr.Richey's supporters can now only wait for a decision, which could come any day. Should the appeal fail, Mr.Richey's final chance would be an appeal in the US American 'Supreme Court' before an execution date would be set. 'Show of support for death row man', BBC NEWS, 2004/07/14 02:41:29 GMT Links: US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit Kenny Richey campaign Scottish Executive Scottish Parliament Foreign Office Previously on This Blog... Intolerance: Scot demands Death Penalty -- For Himself 2004-06